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The aim of this project is to inspire and implement change in Šilutė and the area Pamarys region and put Šilutė on the Baltic tourism map

Brand new hub of activity in Šilutė


It's a different look to the western region of Lithuania with the bold ambition - to create momentum for change and consolidate the region's position in the Baltic countries tourism map, bringing together the largest country's resorts situated in the Baltic Sea coast.

Project goal - to establish a unique block in Šilutė, together with new spaces and functions, based on the geographical uniqueness, specific landscape formed by water, rich history and 21st century Curonian spirit.

Project developer – Kintai Ltd.



The new block together with residential houses, commercial buildings and public spaces in Šiutės central part - the old sawmill and a mill site will raise the city for the new life.
This project is going to:

  • attract business, giving new jobs for the city and whole district residents;
  • will create a flow of tourists which will form the basis of the local business prosperity and growth;
  • provide quality living conditions: the unique landscape, modern leisure, entertainment and recreation areas, sleek public spaces.


Cooperation between the public and the private sector will create synergies ensuring the success of project: private investment in commercial projects will be supplemented and enhanced with developing of modern infrastructure and attractive public spaces by means of EU funds in the city.


The new quarter in a unique place – surrounded with natural environment, water and flooded meadows. Will invite to settle people with wide vision and an open mentality. Curonian Delta resident - this is the 21st century Curonian (Kuršis): persistent and purposeful, open to the world, energetic and courageous man. This place will offer its high-quality and modern living conditions, movement, creative expression and inspiration, as - this is the place where dreams are higher.

Whether wade up to the knees? There always a different spirit prevailed - free, maritime, energetic and venturesome.

Šilutė Marina has been reconstructed
Hugo Scheu Manor is being reconstructed
Šyša Island and the River Šyša have been cleaned
A developement plan for expanding the city has been drawn up
A tender for the reconstruction of the sports complex has been announced
Renovation of the Old Market and Fishermen’s Quarter is planned
Renovation of the Old Market and Fishermen’s Quarter is planned
New district - territory of Curonian Delta


Create a new district in Šilutė, with a fresh identity, new spaces and functions

The district with the new spaces, functions, quality life conditions and fresh identity will attract residents and various businesses, will be an attractive place to visit for tourists from Lithuania and abroad. A unique area with a modern and well-developed infrastructure - a great place to settle the creative industries businesses, innovators bases, and to develop cultural and artistic projects.

Expand the city centre

Together with EU funds Silutes city has done a lot of renovation and reconstruction work (with a value of more than 6 million. EUR). Revitalized historical attractions and landscaped public spaces. Curonian Delta project will promote compact and sustainable urban development even further, not only lead to commercial and residential areas, as well as the creation of new and quality leisure centers, renovated old mill, Šyšos embankment, excavation of a new, second marina in Šilutė and many other items. Curonian Delta region development strategy compatible with the city and meets the EU's priorities - have very high growth potential.

Promote water tourism in the region

The new center of attraction in Šilutė and developed water transport infrastructure will create a tourism cluster between the major Baltic coast resorts. Facilitate communication and open up new tourism opportunities - movement will take place in a circle - not only land, but also water. Tourism in the Baltic coast will become mobile and interactive.

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Region - Curonian delta become a place for new initiatives, modernity, a catalyst for changes in Šilutė;
Pomeranian region - strengthen the historical, spiritual significance of the Pomeranian region; creation of new center for investments;
Lithuania - Marine deepening sense: emotionally extends the coastal strip

Šilutė - a water city

Here - the geographical turning point, where the mainland Lithuania ends and the mind and heart turns to the sea, broader horizons, relations with the world.

Nemunas delta and flooded grasslands

Repetitive rhythmic tides is a continuous natural cycle - an integral part of the Pomeranian region, shaping not only the landscape, but also the lifestyle and worldview, giving the region unique.

From this region our ancestors traded and fought with the Scandinavians. Open to the world and active mentality - other than the Great Lithuania.


Šilutė city is a regional center. In Šilutė main regional administrative, medical institutions, shopping and commercial centers are located.


Various housing typologies provide a wide variety choice of life quality. Here, the estimated housing is planned for young families, students, the elderly, large families, for lovers of luxury and just holidaymakers.

In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the landscape will be preserved natural environment - the green zone.


  • The estimated local port with 80 spaces capacity will be designed for both larger as smaller vessels and will be the main axis of the block.
  • The new port will nearly double the current capacity of the port.
  • Šyša embankment will be made available to all citizens. This covers the main harbor square, various techniques to descend to the water, canoeists and rowers marina


The district with the new spaces, function, quality of life conditions and fresh identity will attract residents and various businesses, will be an attractive place to visit for tourists from Lithuania and abroad. A unique area with a modern and well-developed infrastructure - a great place to settle in the creative industries, businesses, innovators bases, the development of cultural and artistic projects.


  • Spa/physical rehabilitation centre
  • Commercial and residential estate
  • Construction projects
  • Shopping centre
  • Restaurant
  • Water tourism – new harbour
  • Innovation hubs
  • Attracting coastal business


Visitors to the spa/physical rehabilitation centre will be treated with views of NATURE AND WATER


  • ROOM FOR: 172
  • HOTEL: 1665 m2
  • RESTAURANT: 354 m2
  • PHYSICAL REHAB: 1364 m2

Ferry Šilutė - Nida

Šilutė is going to be the main partner for Curonian delta. A ferry Šilutė – Nida is going to connect Curonian delta with the mainland and even further increase tourism potential of Pomeranian region.

First stage

2015-2017 yr.

  • Residential homes 2,500 m2 (1)
  • Culture (old sawmill buildings) 1,000 m2 (2)
  • Spa / physical rehabilitation centre 3,300 m2 (3)
  • Temporary buildings 2,000 m2
  • Quay length 100 m
  • Temporary road 350 m
  • Sightseeing route 1,700 m
  • Parking spaces 130
  • Distance from homes to main roads 200 m
  • Distance from SPA to main roads 400 m

Second stage

2017-2022 yr.

  • Residential homes 2,000 m2
  • Shopping centre 2,400 m2
  • Commercial buildings 2,200 m2
  • Road / path length 370 m2
  • Parking spaces 400

Third stage

2020-2025 yr.

  • Residential homes 15,300 m2
  • Commercial buildings 1,400 m2
  • Quay 700 m
  • Public space on the quay 1,400 m2
  • Parking spaces 180

Fourth stage

2020-2025 yr.

  • Residential homes 9,000 m2
  • Access roads length 280 m2
  • Parking spaces 70

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